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Biking Brothers

The winter weight I gained brought into stark reality I need to make some life style changes. I was about 25 pounds above what I consider my base weight when in good shape. One thing I began incorporating into my life style changes was biking to work. I live in Pullman, Washington which is notoriously hilly and I ride a "Specialized" brand bike, which has mountain bike tires on it. This is also helpful because we do not have smooth bike lanes and the gravel put down on the snow often is not removed for some time.

Biking in Pullman is a commute. Biking in Portland is a culture. I was lucky enough to visit my brother the weekend of 2-15 and the weather was absolutely gorgeous not a single cloud in the sky. We biked a 7 mile ride on a "bike highway." the friendliness of my fellow bikers was in stark contrast to the coldness and road rage one encounters when driving.

My brother gave me tips about how to handle traffic, cross railroad tracks and common bike traffic signals. As we arrived home, I felt energized from our ride and a bit sweaty. The commute reminded me of my childhood particularly while riding on the roads with my older brother. The zen of commuting in a green healthy way was quite fulfilling.

I thought, Derrick Skaug could get used to this.

Apologies for the brevity, and any typographical or spelling errors, sent from a mobile device.

Go Cougs!

Derrick Skaug
Pullman City Councilman
ASWSU Vice President
Photos by Edwin Skaug
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