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Repairs and Tune Ups

Prices subject to change 
prices do not include parts

The Safety Tune Up $39.95

For the regularly maintained bicycle that needs to be prepared for the riding season.

Safety Check on bicycle components
Air tires, lube chain/pivot points,
Minor adjustments to brakes and shifters
Wheel true check

The Full Tune Up $75

Your bike will be finely tuned and lubed

Wheels trued front and rear
Adjust derailleurs front and rear
Front and rear brakes Adjusted brake pads changed if worn
Adjust wheel bearings
Cables and chain lubed
Minor cleaning

The Deluxe Tune-Up $95

Complete tune-up plus cleaning of drive train

Adjusting of brakes lube cables replaced if worn or damaged brake pads changed if worn
Adjusting and lube of derailleurs front and rear (lube pulleys and cables replaced if damaged or worn)
True wheels front and rear
Adjusting of all bearings
chain and cables lubed and checked for ware
Clean cranks, chain, cassette and derailleurs
All nuts and bolts tighten tires checked for damage and inflation

The Overhaul Tune Up $270

For bikes that have been well ridden and need some real work done

Bike is disassembled, cleaned & waxed
Headset, hubs and bottom bracket overhauled
Cables changed if needed
Complete tuning cleaning of drive train
Handlebars taped or grips changed

Bikes left unclaimed for more than 7 days after service is complete and customer has been notified will
start accruing a storage charge at a rate of $5/day. Once storage fees exceed original service fee, bike will be donated to charity or sold to recoup service/parts expenses.

Accessories Installation
$ 15.00
$ 15-35.00
Lights Front/rear
$ 5.00

New Hours

I will be open from 7AM-2:30PM and 4:30pm-6:30pm

Bike Camping

Bike camping is a exciting way to get out and close to nature -- and do so with out hurting the environment. This section will be expanded over the next couple of months.

for now check out these great sites for valuable information. a great local resource that also plan group rides great info on bicycle touring

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